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Probably everyone you and I know watches porn at some level, free on the Internet, on paid porn channels, on porn membership websites, or in old school porn magazines. Even the guys who don't admit it do it. Sex (as well as porn) is a basic human need and one can say that there is something wrong with you if you did not respond to these needs.

So, we jerk off to porn videos. But how about live porn, live webcam sex. Basically this is a step higher on the awesome ladder. If watching porn is fantastic, a logical thought would be that live sex is heaven. Basically, live sex gives you the opportunity to make your own porn movie! In a private show, you and a camgirl, two babes, three babes or even boy-girl, boy-boy, girl-girl couples, you are the one who has control over the webcam video. With a bit of imagination, your own cam porn video will play right in front of your eyes.

On the other hand, I can imagine that the scenario described above is not for everyone. I guess it takes courage to chat with strangers and have "interactive" sex with them. No one ever needs to find out about your webcam escapades if you don't do anything stupid, being alone can be quite scary for some people (including me by the way) ,

I think live amateur sex can add a lot to a single man's sex life. The interaction he has with porn compared to just wanking is irreplaceable. People are social beings and sex (masturbation) is obviously something that can be done alone, but good (webcam) sex with another real person is simply unbeatable.

What do you prefer, porn or live cam sex?

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